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11 Июл. 2013 г.

Swtor credits escrow transfer

In almost all cases, if you have been a subscriber, you will find that things you purchased for in-game credits will be retained when you go down to Preferred. As a player reaches and then exceeds the cap, the in-game credits that are earned after reaching the cap are placed in escrow.
The funds in escrow stay in escrow until you become a subscriber (or if you move from F2P to Preferred status, then the cap is increased and 150,000 credits are released).
This means that you can get what you want via the GTN if you are patient and have the in-game credits to spend.
If you reach the cap, then spend coins, the money stays in escrow and you refill your balance by earning credits in-game to reach the cap again.

Players can, for example, buy a Weekly Warzone Pass and trade it to another player for credits or items, or even put it up for sale on the Galactic Trade Network.
Free players are limited to having 200,000 credits (350,000 for Preferred players) in a given character’s inventory. With only two character slots per server, this means that you’ll only have access to a maximum of anywhere from 400,000 to 700,000 credits at any given time as a Free or Preferred player.
At this time, it does not appear that there is a way to pay to remove credits from your escrow without actually subscribing to the game. Hopefully BioWare will address this issue and offer players the ability to remove credits from their escrow without having to shell out a full $15 for a month’s subscription.

On the unlocks side, players can choose to purchase Legacy Perks and Unlocks via credits as they do now or with Cartel Coins. You won’t be able to unlock these with credits, mind you, but the two packs available (Black Market and Crime Lord) offer players a chance at earning some special items, with the assortment guaranteed to grant a number of specific items as well (such as Artifact quality companion gifts, XP boosts, or crafting materials).


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