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01 Окт. 2013 г.

Credit crunch

Learn more about Peer to Peer Lending credit markets Peer to peer lending, from P2P Credit, is a new way to get personal loans online, as well as to invest in those loans. Even people with stable incomes, good stock portfolios, and great credit scores are feeling a crunch.
The demise of HBoS may well make the credit crunch worse for the ordinary borrower looking for a loan from high street banks. Until the banking system finally works out just how much toxic bad debt there is out there parcelled up into all of those complex multi-tiered financial instruments then the credit crunch will never be resolved. The BBC’ Business Editor Robert Peston offered a rapid fire tutorial in the credit crunch in his address to the Edinburgh Book Festival today.
Few sectors of the economy are immune to the impact of the credit crunch and the market for independent education in the UK is no exception.

On Wednesday, George “The Man Who Broke The Bank” Soros returned to his alma mater to promote his new book The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means.
This is a really good BBC video clip - an informal discussion between Declan Curry and Stephanie Flanders on some of the policy dilemmas facing the Bank of England and the different strategies open to the monetary authorites for coping with the credit crunch.
From Adam Applegarth to a Z Bond, Sean Maguire of the Independent has put together this excellent A-Z of the credit crunch. Whilst the wider housing market is suffering a major downturn, brought on by the credit crunch, building your dream home through self build, renovation or conversion is becoming a more appealing and realistic option. Indeed the events of Bloody Sunday and Meltdown Monday will - in the near term - serve only to accentuate the severity of the credit crunch.
Market demand for chocolate appears to be growing strongly even as the credit crunch bites and prices rise on the back of increasing cocoa and oil prices.

I am enjoying reading Alex Brummer’s new book on the credit crunch and I have just got to the chapter which looks at the regulatory failures of the FSA.
We have moved swiftly from a world in which the word scarcity barely seemed to exist in financial markets to a position where the supply-lines of credit to business and household customers have become as blocked as the fattest artery.


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